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Exclusion of Liability

Moldex has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of this website and its content. (To the fullest extent permitted by law) However, Moldex disclaims all liability in connection with this site and your use thereof. Moldex assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors, mistakes or inaccuracies of content. 


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Moldex has provided links to other internet sites that are maintained by third parties. Neither Moldex, nor its affiliates in anyway control the content, services or products offered by such third party sites. Moldex assumes no liability for any errors, mistakes, inaccuracies of content of third party sites and makes no warranties about the content of any sites linked to this site.


Notification on the use of our products

Moldex products are designed and produced for the European Market. Moldex products comply with the regulations of the European Union (EU). It remains the users responsibility to ensure that no adverse, contrary or additional regulations in your country or area exists.

All the Moldex recommendations contained on this website are made on the basis of current European Union guidelines in respiratory and hearing protection and reflect the present legislation and knowledge. This information should only be used as a guide. Therefore, it remains the responsibility of the user to measure/identify exposure to noise levels and identify all contaminates and contaminant levels, ensuring that the correct protection is selected and worn at all times.

Before the use of personal protective equipment, all the instructions should be read carefully. Specific Moldex product and user instructions, attached or included apply exclusively to Moldex products.



All material on this site, including but not limited to graphics, articles and pictures are protected by copyright law. The copyrights are owned by Moldex or its affiliates or by other parties that have licensed their material to Moldex. Material from this site must not be copied, republished or distributed in anyway.


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