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Company History


We are proud to have supplied our customers with a high level of customer service and products for more than 30 years.

Moldex was founded in California in 1980 and initially only produced dust masks. Moldex Europe followed five years later and right from the start, the high level of user-friendliness of our products was crucial to us. Together with the mining industry, we developed the first exhalation valve for an FFP mask to improve the tough working conditions underground. Today such valves are recognised as market standard.

In 1986 a new product line followed when the production of earplugs was launched. A special challenge was the development of the right foam formula. To this day, our PVC-free foam earplugs are so popular because they offer the optimum balance between softness and stability. They are easy to roll up and unfold in the ear canal at just the right time.

In 1994, we expanded our product range with the Series 8000 masks to include respiratory masks with exchangeable filters. The mask body, which is still available today, is completely made of robust, soft TPE material. The simple and functional design is a good example of how we continue to pay attention to high efficiency and durability in all our products.

In 1999, we founded our sales offices in Italy and Sweden. Together with the previously established locations in England, France, Spain and Holland as well as a production site in the Czech Republic, Moldex is now locally represented in eight European countries.

In 2005, we officially opened our new technology center in Walddorfhäslach near Stuttgart. Here we develop our products with state-of-the-art 3D software and rapid prototyping processes. We also develop Moldex-specific production technology: Everything, from the design of the machines to their construction and programming is done in-house.

In 2009, the WaveBand hearing protection band was nominated for the renowned "German Design Award". Its curved shape allows a particularly high degree of freedom of movement. The sleek CompactMask, which received the iF Product Design Award in 2013, is just as comfortable to wear.

Along with the introduction of the reusable Air Seal FFP masks at A+A 2019, we introduced the company's own "Choose to reuse" logo. It is designed to encourage retailers and users to promote sustainable practices themselves. By using our reusable occupational safety products multiple times, overall costs can be reduced, and waste can be minimised.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for FFP2 and FFP3 masks rose very sharply across Europe in 2020. Thanks to our unusually high vertical depth of manufacture and production sites in Europe, we were one of only a few companies that were still able to deliver in full. By building new production lines, we increased our production capacities for FFP masks by approx. 50% within a few weeks.


Certified quality, easy to use

Satisfied users

High wearing comfort, appealing design

Cost efficient

Robust and durable