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About us

Professional respiratory and hearing protection

What Moldex stands for

People around the world trust in the reliable and user-friendly respiratory and hearing protection products from Moldex. More than 350 employees in eight locations in Europe develop, produce and sell our occupational safety products in accordance with European standards.


Respiratory and hearing protection products from Moldex provide reliable protection. They meet the strict test specifications of the European occupational safety standards, are CE-certified and offer uncompromisingly high product quality. To ensure this, we rely on modern production facilities and a comprehensive, DIN EN ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

For protective equipment to function properly, it needs to be used correctly. This is why all Moldex products are designed in a way that they can be worn and serviced without much previous knowledge.



The acceptance of personal protective equipment by employees is a decisive factor for its use in practice. Moldex develops products that people like to wear. We listen to the needs of users and translate these into well thought out solutions.

Ergonomic design, comfortable materials, low breathing resistance in respirators and modern product design are just some of the features that make our comfortable occupational safety products the first choice of many professional users.



How can cost reductions in health and safety products at work be reconciled with employee safety?

Reusable, high quality safety products such as Air Plus FFP masks or Rockets® earplugs offer the best value for money. But even with simpler disposable masks or earplugs, it quickly makes a measurable difference whether they only need to be replaced once or several times a day due to their design and the materials used. Our quality products offer real savings potential and help companies to reduce occupational safety costs in the medium term.


The high Moldex quality standards also apply to our customer service. For technical and application related questions, our easily accessible employees are available to provide competent advice and assistance.

Regardless of whether it is a large mail order company, or a small retail store, we maintain a trustful and productive cooperation with our qualified trading partners. Moldex products can be purchased through a broad network of distributors.

Appreciative and fair treatment of business partners as well as employees is a fundamental part of our corporate culture.



Respiratory and hearing protection products from Moldex differ from conventional solutions, sometimes in important details, but often also quite fundamentally. Our technology centre, where we not only produce innovative products but also develop and build Moldex specific production technology, gives us the advantage.

We manufacture the vast majority of our products and components ourselves at production sites in Europe. Thanks to a high level of vertical integration, we are independent of supply chains and can directly influence the production quality.



Respiratory and hearing protection products are mainly made of plastic for functional reasons. Therefore we consider resource saving aspects during the entire product life cycle. Many residual materials that are created during production are re-granulated and fed back into the production process. With the label "Choose to reuse!", we advertise the reuse of appropriately approved Moldex products.

In addition, we pay attention to the responsible use of resources and nature. Learn more about this in the "Environment" section.


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Certified quality, easy to use

Satisfied users

High wearing comfort, appealing design

Cost efficient

Robust and durable