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Respiratory Protection

Half Masks

Depending on the design and choice of filter, Moldex half masks offer reliable protection against particles, gases and vapours in the air we breathe. They are comfortable, easy to use and require minimal maintenance.


Half masks are respiratory protection masks that can be used in combination with gas and particulate filters. Depending on your choice of filter, they can offer protection against harmful substances such as dust, aerosols, gases and/or vapours. The masks cover the mouth and nose. In comparison to full masks, half mask respirators are relatively lightweight and compact. They can be used for a range of applications requiring gas and particulate filters.



In order that masks are worn consistently and willingly by users, it is important to choose models with a high degree of wearing comfort. Like all Moldex filter masks, our half masks are designed to maintain a secure, comfortable fit for the duration of use, even over lengthy periods. The fit is ensured, among other things, by an anatomically designed sealing lip made from soft, skin-friendly material



In order for half masks to offer reliable protection, they must fit well and be worn properly. Thanks to a special, adaptable sealing lip, some models are one-size-fits-all. Others are available in S, M and L. Respiratory protection masks should be held in position by one hand while being placed over the mouth and nose, while the other hand adjusts the straps over the head and neck. All models have length-adjustable straps. Since facial hair such as beards can impair the fit of filter masks, users must always be clean-shaven. If the user wishes to test the fit of the mask, they may place the palm of their hand over the exhalation valve and breathe out slowly. If no air leaks out between the respirator and the face, the mask is positioned securely.

As an alternative to the above, they may also use their palms to cover both filter. If the body of the mask contracts slightly upon a long inward breath and there is no influx of air from other parts of the mask, the half mask respirator is correctly fitted.



To ensure the functionality and cleanliness of half masks, they should ideally be cleaned after every use. A Moldex disinfecting cloth or similar can be used to do this. Once this has been carried out, the filter masks should be stored in a sealed container with as high a degree of airtightness as possible. A Moldex storage bucket is ideal for this purpose. The name and the date of the last filter change can be recorded on the outside of the bucket for convenience.


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