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Hearing Protection


Foam earplugs offer reliable and comfortable protection against noise. Moldex foam earplugs are easy to roll prior to insertion and expand at the right time inside the ear canal.


Earplugs provide reliable protection against loud noise. Moldex earplugs are divided into two categories, those that must be compressed prior to use and earplugs that are pre-formed. The former are made from soft PU foam and are rolled prior to insertion in the ear canal. Once inside the ear, the earplugs expand slowly and thus achieve a comfortable and secure fit. The second type of earplugs are made from soft TPE and can be inserted directly into the ear canal. Their flexible tips adjust optimally to the shape of the ear canal and ensure a high degree of wearing comfort. Since this type of earplug is easy to clean, they can be used over long periods.



Both the foam earplug and pre-formed earplug varieties are available to purchase with a neck cord. This enables the earplugs to be hung round the neck when not in use, ensuring that they do not get lost and are always to hand.



Moldex foam earplugs are also available in a handy dispensing station. The dispensers, which come with either 250 or 500 pairs of earplugs, can be ordered with an accompanying mounting bracket and positioned where they are needed (e.g. in a production hall or library). The containers can be mounted on the wall or free-standing.



Both the foam and pre-formed earplugs are available to purchase with a useful handle. Earplugs with an accompanying handle do not need to be rolled and can be easily and quickly inserted into and removed from the ear. A slight turning of the handle enables precision adjustment of the plugs in the ear. 

Banded earplugs and earmuffs are available as an alternative.


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