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Hearing Protection 


Earmuffs from Moldex offer reliable protection against noise. Soft ear cushions with large openings ensure a high degree of comfort for the wearer. Longevity is guaranteed by durable materials combined with Moldex’s familiar high standards of production quality.


In order that earmuffs are worn consistently and willingly by users, it is vital that they offer a high degree of wearing comfort. Moldex earmuffs have soft ear cushions with a low level of contact pressure, which means they protect reliably against noise without pressing on the user’s ear. Most of our earmuffs also have a soft cushioned headband.



Earmuffs (also spelt ear muffs) are available with a variety of protection levels, which are given in decibels (dB) and labelled as SNR (Single Number Rating) The higher the SNR value, the less noise is allowed to enter the ear and the better the level of protection.

When choosing earmuffs, there are two important threshold values to bear in mind. The first is the daily noise exposure level, which is the average noise level over the eight-hour working day and which must not exceed 85 dB(A). The second is the peak sound pressure, which must never exceed 137 dB(C).

Earmuffs are to be chosen and used so that these limit values are never exceeded whilst in use. It’s important to note, however, that the protective effect actually achieved may be lower than the laboratory values due to the potential for improper use. At the same time, the SNR level of earmuffs must not be significantly higher than necessary, since this over-protection may cause difficulties with communication and hearing warning signals. We are happy to advise you in selecting your hearing protection.



Moldex earmuffs are made from robust materials and designed to be used for long periods, even under challenging usage conditions. All earmuff models have replaceable ear cushions, which are available as an accessory along with the foam inserts. Moldex earmuffs are easy to clean.

Alternative forms of noise protection include banded and regular earplugs


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