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Hearing Protection


Moldex reusable earplugs feature flexible flanges made from soft TPE. They are designed to enable easy insertion in the ear canal and a secure, comfortable fit. Moldex ribbed earplugs can be washed and reused.


Moldex ribbed earplugs are a reusable alternative to the conventional foam variety. Made from soft, durable TPE, the earplugs are easy to clean and reuse. The flexible ribs adapt to the shape of the user’s ear canal to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.



Like all certified Moldex earplugs, our ribbed earplugs fulfil both our stringent internal quality guidelines and all applicable standards for occupational hearing protection. This means that they offer highly reliable protection against noise. Our reusable earplugs come in a range of protection levels, which are given in decibels (dB(A)) and labelled as SNR (Single Number Rating). Earplugs with an SNR of 30dB(A) reduce the noise by 30 decibels. For noise levels of 80 dB(A) and above, hearing protection must be provided



To ensure that earplugs are able to deliver the specified level of protection, it is important that they are inserted correctly into the ear canal. Unlike foam earplugs, ribbed earplugs do not need to be shaped prior to use. Instead, the user holds the ear open with one hand, straightening out the ear canal, and inserts the earplug with the other. Once inserted, the earplug sits comfortably and securely in the ear thanks to the flexible ribs.



Moldex TPE earplugs can be cleaned using mild soapy water. In addition to regular cleaning, it is also important that the earplugs are hygienically stored. For this reason, all Moldex ribbed earplugs are supplied with a convenient PocketPak® storage container. Further information on the correct use and maintenance of Moldex earplugs can be requested from Moldex or found in the user instructions.


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