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FFP Mask

AIR: Breathe the difference

The FFP that both users and buyers are looking for.

Important factors to consider when selecting RPE that your employees will want to wear:

1. must protect and be comfortable to wear

2. easy breathing comparable to no mask being worn

3. cost effective and environmentally conscious

Our new reusable generation of Air masks combine and fulfil these requirements. The AirWave® high performance filter, the soft flexible and self-adjusting design, the reusability and the incredibly low breathing resistance make our Air masks the best FFP respiratory protection for yourself and/or your employees!

Advantages of the reusable FFP masks "Air"

1. Comfortable and secure fit. Flexible self-adjusting shape.

2. AirWave® high-performance filter, more than double the filter surface.

3. 70% lower breathing resistance for superior comfort.

4. Efficient and cost effective for multiple working days.

5. Quality tested with EU certificate

6. Skin friendly and free from harmful substances

7. Made in Europe



Reduce costs and minimise waste!

As a reusable product it can be worn for several shifts, making it highly cost-effective compared to other FFP masks. The reusability also reduces the amount of waste generated and helps minimise environmental impact.

All this is made possible by our uniquely developed high-performance AirWave® filter. The filter area is more than double the size of a conventional FFP mask and can therefore absorb significantly more particles. As a result, breathing resistance is extremely low and remains low for several working shifts. With conventional FFP masks, breathing resistance increases quickly due to dust accumulation within the filter material. This clogging means the user has to change masks in order to continue working without increased effort.

Opt for high-quality and truly reusable respiratory protection and breathe easy!

Air: the reusable FFP mask

Available in protection levels P2 and P3

Long-lasting low breathing resistance

Easy breathing even after many hours


1. Product contains 27% recycled material

2. Packaging 100% recyclable

3. Min. 80% of packaging material made from recycled material

4. Made in Europe – Minimal CO2 transport footprint

5. Reusable – product technology offers extended life cycle

6. Products also available in hygienic multi-pack options


Certified quality, easy to use

Satisfied users

High wearing comfort, appealing design

Cost efficient

Robust and durable