Protection against noise

Twisters® Trio Cord Earplugs

  • Large handle for easy insertion & removal
  • No rolling necessary – plugs stay hygienic clean and can be used more than once
  • Easy in-ear fit adjustment due to unique multi-curved stem
  • Washable and reusable earplugs
  • Made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin
  • Soft and flexible flanges
  • Comes with handy PocketPak storage container
  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

Product code Description SNR value H M L Unit Units/Box


Twisters® Trio Cord

33 dBSNR (Single Number Rating)
Noise protection in dB

H32 M31 L29Noise protection in dB for the frequency bands H=High, M=Medium, L=Low