Pleated Filter Technology

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Easy breathing, for the whole day

FFP-Masks with AirWave® Pleated Filter Technology


More filter surface area for more performance

With AirWave® Pleated Filter Technology, the Filter surface area of an FFP-mask is more than doubled. This leads to a noticeable reduction in breathing resistance and increases the intake capacity of the filter.

Low breathing resistance

A larger filter surface area means the breathing resistance is dramatically reduced. Therefore FFP-Masks with AirWave® Pleated Filter are far below the standards set by legislation, for the complete wearing time.

The advantages:

  • Easy, comfortable breathing
  • Fatigue-free work

High loading capacity, long life

The breathing resistance of FFP Masks increases during use with the number of particles loaded into the filter. Because the filter surface area is more than double in size the AirWave® Pleated Filter can load more particles compared to a flat filter so that the breathing resistance increases at a slower rate.

The advantages:

  • Longer use time, less consumption
  • Reduction of overall respirator program costs
  • Significantly lower breathing resistance
  • High filter capacity
  • Significantly lower breathing resistance
  • Reusable