Moldex presents the new half mask Series 7000 Silicone: Soft and durable even at extreme temperatures

Moldex launched a Silicone version of the successful Series 7000 half mask at the 2015 A+A trade fair in Duesseldorf, Germany. As silicone maintains its material properties even in extreme temperature ranges, the new mask is perfectly suited for applications in such working environments. Even at cold...[more]

The CompactMask wins the iF product design award 2014

The new CompactMask has been awarded the iF product design award 2014 in the category  “industry / skilled trades“. Established 60 years ago the iF product design award is acknowledged worldwide as a mark for excellent design.The criteria applied by the judges includes quality of design, workmanship,...[more]

Now with increased comfort: the new Jazz-Band® 2

The improved shape of the soft PU foam pods and the reduced band pressure of almost 50% make this popular banded earplug even more comfortable - at a consistent noise protection of 23 dB (SNR). Just like the previous model, the Jazz-Band® 2 has practical grip points and a neck cord with safety release...[more]

New particulate filters offer additional protection against ozone

Due to an activated charcoal layer, our two new particulate filters offer additional protection against ozone up to 1000 ppb and for a maximum of 8 hours. Optimal protection for welding A typical application for these filters is welding. Depending on the method, material, ventilation and season, dangerous...[more]