Photovoltaic system
Moldex does its part to increase renewable energy

Moldex: more than respiratory and hearing protection

As a manufacturer of personal protective equipment, Moldex also feels a responsibility towards society at large. Whether with the development of new products or production facilities, resource-saving aspects are carefully considered from the start. This is made possible by the depth of the in-house manufacturing process. More than 90% of all product components are produced by the company, from injection-moulded parts to knitting the straps on our FFPs.

The engineers and technicians of our own mechanical engineering department develop new equipment and continuously improve existing ones.

Waste prevention and recycling

Almost all residual materials created during production are recycled and returned to the manufacturing process. Starting with the initial development phase, attention is paid to the use of appropriate materials and processes.

All product packaging can be recycled.

No hazardous substances

Moldex products do not contain health critical or hazardous substances. No materials are used that are subject to registration according to the EU directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). As an example, Moldex has removed toxic hexavalent chromium salt from all gas filters.

PVC free

Well aware of its responsibility to the environment, all Moldex products and packaging have been 100% free of PVC since 2008.

Energy budget

All existing Moldex buildings will be adapted to current energy guidelines and new buildings erected accordingly. An example can be seen in the photovoltaic system at headquarters’ logistics centre. With a capacity of 92-megawatt hours, it saves about 59 tonnes of CO₂ per year.


Moldex produces almost exclusively in Europe for Europe. Transport routes of production components and parts are reduced to a minimum and the logistics centre for finished products near Stuttgart is centrally located in Europe.